AFAM 2019 Pictures and Videos released

Here are the links to the released pictures to me.

Please credit the photographers when you use the pictures and also Hashtag #AFAMVancouver. 

1. This is the link to access the photos from the AFAM 2019 @ Melissa Cisneros Photography .

The password is: afam2019

2. Jose Manuel (via Google Drive)

*click on each name to view the pictures*


Ethio House of Fashion


Marbling Creation

Naa Sheka

Tribe Asani

Udamma Fashion


Keanukraft Ethnic Creations

Touch of Africa

Sade Awele


3. Ribbon AJ Photography

Link here

4. Langara Voice

Link here

5. Video by David Markwei Production Via Facebook and IG

Link here

6. Video Release by Smith Video Production via Facebook and IG

Link here


Thank you all for being part of the AFAM VAncouver team 2019.  It was a Great pleasure to work with you all. Next AFAMVancouver will be in February 2020