The Essence of the Winners Pt 2

The Essence of the Winners Pt 2

A plunge into the Essence of the Winners Pt 2

By Toyin Adeoye

When you are told you’re not good enough, you tell them, not only am I good enough, I’m more than enough. And when they say you are not beautiful, you tell them you are the descendant of royalty. And you are a queen – Angela Bassett

                                                Last article, we spoke to two awardees. One whose modeling career began from his immediate environment and an artist who started doing music from primary school. In this one, we walk through the journey of three young women with eccentric detailing to their lives and fields. We have Sahara, winner of Female Model of the year; Trinay Brown, winner of Hairstylist of the year and Danielle Kyei, fashion blogger award recipient. Enjoy!

Sahara is beyond a pretty face. Her passion for modeling has deep roots in her vision to see that other young girls embrace who they are, unapologetically.


AFAM: Hi Sahara!!!! Congratulations! Tell us, who is Sahara?

Sahara: My name is Sahara. I am a model of the African and European descent.

AFAM: How did you start modelling?

Sahara: My modeling journey began in 2018 with my best friend. She gave me a “makeover” and we took photos on our phones during a sleepover. It was the first time I truly saw myself as beautiful.

Sahara: Fast forward to 2019, when Trinay (CRWND Hair) reached out to me to work on a hair editorial for her brand, It was my very first shoot and I loved it. Looking at the pictures I saw a confident woman embracing her natural beauty, something that I wished I saw when I was younger. It was then that I decided that I wanted to start modeling to create content that young girls who look like me could see. I promised myself that in all of the photos I am in that I am 100% me. I have been asked to straighten my hair, wear colored contacts, and I have even had photos sent to me where my skin is artificially lightened. But I have always declined or stood up for myself, as I want people to see that you don’t have to conform to euro-centric beauty standards to be beautiful.

My modeling journey has been reflective of my self-love journey and I have really been so much more confident in myself and who I am through it.

AFAM: A queen by all standards. What does it feel like to be an award recipient this year?

Sahara: I have never received an award for my work and am deeply humbled and honored to not only be nominated, but also be the recipient of such an award. I feel so lucky to have been able to meet and work with a lot of the other nominees on the lists, and am so proud to see so much talent in our community! Thank you again, and stay tuned for more of my work on my instagram.

@ok.sahara <- Instagram

We definitely want to keep tabs on this beautiful woman who challenges norms and influences other young women while at it. Kudos! Sahara!

Do make sure to follow Sahara on instagram and support her!


As a writer, bloggers are dear to my heart. We share a ‘literal’ bond so strong. You can imagine my excitement when I had to chat with ‘Fashion blogger of the Year’ nominee and winner, Danielle Kyei. Such a delight!

AFAM: Hi, Danielle. Please introduce yourself and you can tell us something that isn’t popular about you

Danielle: My name is Danielle Kyei, I am 27 years old. I am Ghanaian. I am a federal government employee and a content creator on the side. Some people do not know that I am into gaming (through a console and online) and I love to hear random facts. I enjoy watching and playing sports, particularly volleyball and netball as well as basketball and hockey.

AFAM: Chale, We definitely didn’t know that. Sounds like fun. So you are a fashion blogger, tell us, how did you begin?

Danielle: The journey like most is the important part. When I originally started, I only did this for fun and because it gave me something to do and kept me busy while I was in school. However, as I started to take content creation and documenting bits of my life more seriously, I have found it to be truly rewarding, working with small and local brands as well as larger brands have been impactful with my personal values and promoting awareness of brands that need that boost to build a stronger presence. I am so happy to be a part of that process for them and to help spread the message that aligns with me, too.

AFAM: I’m speaking on behalf of an undisclosed part of or online community who did not send me but I know may want to learn how to get into blogging when I say ‘cut soap for us’… Have any projects you want us to know about?            

Danielle: My ongoing projects will be more focused on supporting smaller and local businesses, BIPOC-owned (black, indigenous and people of color) and female founded organizations. Amidst the pandemic I think it’s important that I do my best to elevate these groups and as a Vancouver based content creator, continue to create space for many of us alike.

AFAM: Thank you Danielle for supporting small businesses. Lastly, how does it feel to be winning this?

Danielle: I’m thrilled to have won something like this. In high school, my superlative was most likely to be famous and outside of the acting I do as a hobby, this further fuels the manifestation. I am honored and privileged to be recognized and to be in the ranks of other creatives, I can only hope that it continues to elevate from here and that I can continue to make a positive impact in our community. Thank you for the award, AFAM!

AFAM: You are most welcome and congratulations.

Seeing that Danielle loves and supports black owned brands and small businesses, you can connect with her on social media to get a scoop on this. Instagram: @daniideluxe


Before you read this, I want to let you know that you know nothing about hair.Yes! Exactly, because Trinay knows it all! We got talking to the hair boss and winner of AFAM Awards 2022, Hairstylist of the year, Trinay of Crwnd Hair. It was ‘hair-spiring’

AFAM: Hey Trinay! Congratulations, please introduce yourself


Trinay: Hey, I’m Trinay. I was born and raised in Calgary, AB and now residing in beautiful Vancouver, BC.


AFAM: How long have you been doing hair for? How has your journey been?


Trinay: I have been doing hair for about 8 years now. I started without the plan to be a hairstylist. Doing hair was something I just did for fun, and because after my aunt (who was my hair stylist) left the city of Calgary when I was younger I didn’t have many options to have my hair done. So I decided to take it upon myself to start doing my own hair and I’m so glad I did, because that turned into me having a career in hair and I now have my own business I hope to grow into something great one day.


My journey in the hair industry so far has had some ups and downs like anything else in life. It started off as something that was purely enjoyment for me, with no plans to grow in that direction. Once I made the choice to have it become work for me, I didn’t so much enjoy it at the start because I was just thinking about making money. It wasn’t so much fun again. But the more I do hair; I’m learning more about how it works, how it’s all different and how many style options there are. This keeps me exploring my love for hair and how my clients and I can benefit from that and continue to build my business.


AFAM: It’s your tenacity for me, Trinay. Any ongoing projects you would like to share?


Trinay: Right now I don’t really have any projects I’m working on. I’ve been focusing on how to grow my business in a sustainable way. And while doing that I do creative things that tie into my business. For example, I looove doing photo shoots with my friends who are photographers, makeup artists, hair artists etc. who are into fashion and beauty like me.  It’s like playing dress up with your friends.  Lol.  Except that we come together and share ideas from our different creative views and try to do something fun that can represent what we do.


AFAM: Sahara mentioned this, must be really fun. How excited are you about this win?


Trinay: This is the first nomination and win I’ve gotten for an award. I’m super excited to have won it, mostly because I’ve worked so hard to be where I am now. So, having recognition for where I am feels good and is motivating. I’m also glad to have the opportunity for my name and my business to be known. I believe this will help me to network with more like minded individuals. I’m hoping to continue to connect with others who are on the same path to a life of prosperity.



AFAM: Yes, Trinay we are excited for you too! Networking? Definitely.

To catch up with Trinay on instagram @trinaydidit and visit her website


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