The Essence of the Winners

The Essence of the Winners

A plunge into the Essence of the Winners

By Toyin Adeoye

“I want to thank me for doing all this hard work; I want to thank me for never quitting” Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. (Snoop Dogg), Hollywood Walk of Fame Award, 2018.

                            Oftentimes, when individuals are given recognition based on their effort in various industries or fields, they are easily mistaken for paladins. It is mostly opined that these people must have discovered some cure or something remarkable to be seen. We are often blown away when we hear of the humanity in their stories. The complexity of their journeys put forward that they are, like us, ordinary people, doing extra ordinary things. Another way to see it is that they are ordinary people doing ordinary things consistently hence compounding the interest on rewards.

Every year, AFAM laudably applauds the effort of a number of African creatives this side of British Columbia. In previous publications, nominees were highlighted and winners given due recognition. In this editorial, we had a chat with our awardees to get to know them better as well as their brands. We caught up with Braydon Jordheim and Taybytheway, award recipients for Male Model of the year and Male Artist of the year. Here’s what they had to say.



                                           First, we caught up with Braydon Jordheim, a Philadelphia-born model whose passion for modeling allows him unlock his confidence.

AFAM: Hi Braydon, Congratulations! Please tell us about yourself

Braydon: My name is Braydon Jordheim, but most people call me Bray. I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was adopted and moved to Regina, Saskatchewan where I was raised and my family still resides.

AFAM:  How has modeling been so far? How did it start? How is it going?

Braydon: My modeling journey started in 2015. Regina used to host Saskatchewan Fashion Week and they held an open audition. One day, I decided I wanted to try it! I met some really cool, creative and talented humans there! After that, I moved to Vancouver in fall 2018. In winter 2020, I signed with my current agency, Stranger Agency. In 2021 I’ve had the pleasure to work with local brands like Lush, Ten Tree and Kit & Ace! I’m excited to see what 2022 has to bring and I hope to be the representation that I never saw when I was younger. I’m not a ripped African gazelle by any means, but I am a looker.

AFAM: Wow, Bray! For you, it’s been a continuous push in the forward direction. We love to see it! What ongoing projects are you working on that you would love us to know about?

Braydon: I’ve joined my friend Fanny at Block Party Collective, an initiative which elevates, amplifies and promotes emerging BIPOC creatives through event coordination, campaign management and JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion) workshop facilitation.

AFAM: We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for this collaboration. Well done!   Is this your first rodeo with award shows like this? How does winning this make you feel?


Not really. I seriously love being a part of shows that represent us. I love seeing black people and the incredible talents they continue to bring to this world. We are culture! Everyone wants to be like us. I am so proud to be black and it’s such an honor to receive this award. Modeling has been a way for me to tap into a confidence I never knew I could have. I have the pleasure to meet and collaborate with such incredible people. I feel so much gratitude. I thank God, my parents who raised me, my friends and family who pour out support like crazy. And last but not least, myself, for pushing through the self doubt and insecurities.

AFAM: Congratulations Brandon, looking forward to seeing you this year and we wish you the very best in all you do!



Taybytheway exudes confidence by the sound of it. Picture a conversation where the precedence of the person is loaded with all they are capable of and then it occurs to them to drop their name. “The name’s Tay, by the way”. You continue the conversation and realize ‘Tay’ is not an actual name, but an acronym.

We got talking to AFAM Awards 2022, ‘Male Artist of the Year’ winner, Taybytheway and it was an interesting one

AFAM: Hello Taybytheway. Congratulations on your win! Please tell us a bit more about yourself


Tay: Hi, Thank you! Canadian based all round performer Taybytheway, is a multi talented creative with a catalog of unique sounds ranging in a multi genre industry. Born and raised in Nigeria, his love for Afrobeats is like none other and has influenced his music in every way possible. The name Tay comes with the meaning Talented African Youth as his primary focus on the afro sound genre does not stop him from breaking boundaries. His diversity as a multi genre recording artist proves his worth in the industry.

AFAM: Amazing! We definitely need you to teach us some Afrobeats dance steps at the show this year. How did music/performance start for you? Then, tell us how it is going

Taybytheway: As early as my primary school days, I always found myself on stage, from cultural dance performances & drama, to choir, orchestra, and school band performances. Attending the same high school Burna Boy attended in his day, has been a motivation for me to be the next successful artiste to hail from the alma mater; showing other youth that talent is an avenue for success and they can also achieve if they believe and put in work.

Funny story, I recorded my first studio session in the dormitory of shell residence on the Simon Fraser University campus and ever since, I have not stopped recording music.

How music is going?

Well, today I own an independent private recording studio in Downtown Vancouver and at the same time rounding up my degree in Tourism Management at Capilano University.

AFAM: Your journey is inspiring. Humble beginnings should never be looked down upon. Well done! Any projects in view?

Tay: Thank you! There’s new music coming. In fact, I have a huge catalog of unreleased music in my bank. The plan is to he is to take the world by storm one single at a time and project after project.

AFAM: Odogwu! What does winning this award mean to you?

 Taybytheway: It is an honor to be recognized no matter how big or how small… As little drops of water make the mighty ocean, it is the small wins that contribute to overall greater success of any individual… With that said, Thank you for this award as I humbly accept

Again, what we see are ordinary people doing extraordinary things while staying true to their process and callings. Congratulations and thank you for giving us your time. See you at AFAM Awards 2022 in February.

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