TounOD Studio: A Celebration of Modern Femininity and African Heritage

TounOD Studio: A Celebration of Modern Femininity and African Heritage

TounOD Studio: A Celebration of Modern Femininity and African Heritage

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TounOD studio is a clothing line owned by self-taught Fashion Designer Adetoun Odubote, who was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, and later moved to Canada in 2016. Adetoun’s love for fashion started at a young age as she was surrounded by family members who loved fashion and style, and buried herself in fashion magazines and blogs. Her passion for fashion led her to hone her skills and expand her knowledge of fashion, which later led her to show some of her works in fashion shows in Thompson Rivers University, all while being a full-time nursing student.


Adetoun’s love for fashion and fabrics has driven her to create stunning custom designs that are deeply influenced by her African heritage and modern femininity. Growing up in the dynamic city of Lagos, Adetoun was exposed to a diverse range of colors and patterns, which has helped shape her sense of style. She has a natural eye for beautiful materials and an unwavering passion for designing pieces that are both accessible and affordable for the everyday woman. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Adetoun persevered and opened an online store, where she could bring her designs to life. While working as a registered nurse in Kamloops BC, Adetoun continues to run TounOD Studio, creating beautiful pieces that seamlessly blend ethnicity and modernity. The brand prioritizes quality, paying close attention to every detail, and is dedicated to empowering women who celebrate their individuality and heritage with confidence.

Adetoun is a creative and accomplished fashion designer, who blends her love for modern femininity and rich African heritage in her designs. She hand-picks the finest African and Afro-inspired fabrics, immersing herself in their texture and patterns to bring her designs to life. Adetoun stays informed about current fashion trends and innovations through attending shows, following famous designers, and reading fashion-related media. She values her close friendship with another fashion enthusiast and also keeps a close eye on African fashion trends, particularly from Lagos Fashion Week and Asoebi styles. Adetoun’s devotion to the art of fashion and her passion for staying ahead of the curve makes her stand out, inspiring women to confidently celebrate their ethnicity and modernity.


One of Adetoun’s most memorable and successful projects was her first fashion show in university. She had been playing with her mother’s sewing machine the summer after finishing high school, watching all the sewing videos on YouTube during that period. Adetoun was able to make some pieces for the fashion show with the little knowledge she had back then, and it was a very special moment for her as it was the first of its kind in her community. She felt proud of herself for the effort she put into each piece and never thought she would have pulled it off, but it was extremely rewarding.


TounOD Studio is proud to announce their involvement in this year’s African Fashion Week Vancouver 2023. This will be a great opportunity for Adetoun to showcase her designs and share her story with the world. The African Fashion Week Vancouver is one of the largest African cultural events in Vancouver and will showcase the latest collections of established and emerging fashion designers from Africa and the African Diaspora. The event aims to promote cultural diversity and showcase the rich cultural heritage of Africa.

In conclusion, TounOD Studio is a clothing line that celebrates modern femininity and African heritage. Adetoun’s designs are a result of her love of fabrics, her passion for fashion, and her experiences growing up in Lagos, Nigeria. TounOD studio aims to create beautiful pieces that are easily accessible to the everyday woman, while paying attention to details and quality. TounOD Studio’s involvement in the local community and support of sustainable practices further reinforces its commitment to empowering and uplifting women. With its unique blend of contemporary and cultural elements, TounOD Studio is quickly becoming a recognized and sought-after brand in the fashion industry. Whether it’s a statement piece or a classic staple, TounOD Studio offers something for every woman looking to express her individuality and embrace her roots.


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