2022- afwv

Performing Artist


AHSIA is an emerging singer, songwriter and poet based in Vancouver, Canada. She was born in Philadelphia, USA and raised in Vancouver’s lower mainland. AHSIA comes from Nigerian & Congolese descent. By the age of ten AHSIA was already singing, writing and performing. Her genres include R&B, Soul, Jazz, Afrobeat & poetic rap. Her passion for music only continues to grow as she strives to share it with the world. She has performed at many renowned venues and events including the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Shambhala Music Festival and AHFOMAD
Music Festival. She often uses her talents and artistry to express feelings towards
anti-oppression and black empowerment movements – performing and engaging in protests around the lower mainland and Vancouver Island. AHSIA has a vibrant personality and stage presence that allows her to connect with her audience on a fun and intimate level. She now produces a lot of her own music and will only continue to progress as a singer, musician & lyricist.