Vickendel Styles

2022- afwv


by Victory Dibri

Victory Dibri is a Nigerian from the Urhobo tribe of Delta state. She started Vickendelstyles, her fashion brand, in 2018. A year into running this amazing brand, Victory opted for further studies in design and enrolled in an advanced fashion and design school. Her biggest motivation is to inspire the world with creative outfits. “I love fashion and design. It’s a passion for me. My purpose in venturing into fashion and design is to express the beauty in it.” She enthused. Victory highlights her winning the ‘most fashionable female’ award in college as a defining moment in her journey. On challenges, she reckons that making an incursion into a new environment with a total different fashion sense is most daunting.

 Being her first rodeo with runway shows like AFWV 2022, Victory says in her interview with our correspondence “this is a great opportunity for me to be creative and to inspire and collaborate with other fashion designers”.

She says spring is her favorite Vancouver weather because it is neither hot nor cold and the flowers are most beautiful

Victory Dibri is a currently taking an MBA at the University Canada West.